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Limited Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector’s Box

Limited Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector’s Box

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Limited to only 4750, the First Aid Spray Collector’s Box is a must-have for every "Resident Evil" enthusiast.

Relive nostalgic moments with the Resident Evil First Aid Spray - strictly limited Collector's Box, transporting you back into the immersive world of Resident Evil. This official premium collectible includes ten immersive drinks and game-related herbs that will take you right back to the heart of the "Resident Evil" universe.

Officially licensed by Capcom Co., Ltd.,each element of this collector's box is
crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring an authentic experience for fans of the franchise. Inside, you'll discover a complete drink maker kit, allowing you to concoct delectable cocktails inspired by the game's universe. The cucumber, lime, and mint flavors provide a refreshing twist as you explore the healing powers of the First Aid Spray.

What's inside your "Resident Evil First Aid Spray Drink Collector’s Box"?

  1. One of the 4750 uniquely numbered First Aid Spray Collector’s Boxes, inspired by the revered "Resident Evil" franchise.

  2. Ten 330ml "Resident Evil"-inspired First-Aid Spray drinks with a refreshing cucumber-lime-mint flavor, perfect for those intense gaming sessions.

  3. One spray cap, a homage to the first "Resident Evil" game.

  4. Four Ink Ribbons featuring distinct Resident Evil-inspired herbs: Hibiscus (red), Green Matcha (green), Turmeric (yellow), Aronia (blue).

  5. Four recipe cards for creating your non-alcoholic "Resident Evil"-based cocktails at home.

  6. A Certificate of Authenticity, uniquely assigned and handwritten, proving your exclusive ownership.

  7. GameFlavor’s Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector’s Box Artbook - a trip down the memory lane of horror survival.


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